Advanced Decoding

Preparing Readers to Read Decodable Text

Illustration of a puppet flown paceship with letters over it

Units in this phase have three foci:
1) learning phonics to read words with short vowels and consonant blends to apply in decodable text, 2) learning syllable types (closed, open, r-controlled) to read single words along with syllable division strategies to read two-syllable words in the text, and 3) developing narrative language and grammar skills to impact reading comprehension and reading words with inflectional endings. Each unit begins with a read-aloud lesson designed to build background knowledge for the story or topic readers will read about in the text.

As lessons progress, activities promote readers’ use of word reading strategies and reading texts with accuracy, proper phrasing, and expression. Close reading routines promote readers’ reading comprehension, while language activities promote the use of English grammar, academic language, and vocabulary.

Before You Start

Learn how to teach reading, assess your readers, and introduce key reading concepts to them.


Establish a Baseline

Concept for Kids

(Units 1 - 24)