Decodable Text

Preparing Readers to Read Decodable Text

A puppet red panda looking up at red vowels in a fun font

Units in this phase have two foci:
1) learning phonics to read CVC words with short vowels, consonants, and consonant digraphs to apply in decodable text and 2) developing narrative language skills to impact reading comprehension. Each unit begins with a read-aloud lesson designed to build background knowledge for the story or topic readers will read about in the decodable text. Oral language lessons include generating stories from picture-story sequences with an emphasis on making inferences.

As the lessons progress, readers will develop reading comprehension skills as well as phonics skills, which helps them sound out the words and read with understanding.

Before You Start

Learn how to teach reading, assess your readers, and introduce key reading concepts to them.


Establish a Baseline

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