Our Mission

To ensure all children’s right to learn to read, by providing educators and families with the means to teach language & early reading.

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Who We Are

We are education and technology geeks who translate scientific research on language and early literacy into pedagogical practice.

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Why We Made It

Our non-profit roots

Our Story

It all began in 2015 when a team of reading experts and software engineers who were working with under-resourced schools in Nepal witnessed the same literacy challenges in Nepali schools that US schools were experiencing. 


Teachers needed a crash course in proven pedagogical practices for teaching language & early reading.

Schools needed affordable scientifically-based reading materials to use in the classroom


Translate the latest scientific research into engaging, affordable, and bilingual videos, books, and lesson guides for educators and families.


Almost as soon as the WordScientists tools were introduced into schools, there were dramatic results in children’s language and reading acquisition. Now we want to share these tools with the world!

Let’s Talk Numbers

Over 400 students in 10 pilot schools with dramatic results in learning to read with a strong emphasis on understanding.

Missions and values aside, we’re all numbers. Our team has takes a methodical approach in studying and analyzing the most cutting-edge research in the field of literacy development as well as the latest neurological research focused specifically on how to teach phonics and metacognitive thinking strategies.

We have been careful to collect objective data to support our anecdotal portraits of success. The Early Grades Reading Assessment (EGRA), the internationally accepted measure of reading achievement, showed that students, whose teachers participated in virtual, pedagogical learning sessions with WordScientists and used the materials in their classrooms, out-performed their peers in a comparison school: on a combined outcome measure AND on the individual sub-tests.

The Science in Word “Scientists”

We translate scientific research into pedagogical practice to make learning effective for all early readers.

Meet the Executive Team

Jacob Bronstein

Jacob Bronstein


Linda Liss-Bronstein, Ed.D.

Linda Liss-Bronstein, Ed.D.

Curriculum Development

Yenny Suh

Yenny Suh


George Carrara

George Carrara

Video Content & Illustration

Ortal Gefen

Ortal Gefen


Maria Lotuffo

Maria Lotuffo


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