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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordScientists?
WordScientists is a scientifically based full language and early reading curriculum designed as a fun and engaging tool for teachers and parents to use with students.
What does a 14-day free trial mean?
With our 14-day free trial, you get 100% full access to our entire platform for 14 days, without being charged. If WordScientists isn’t a good fit for you, you can cancel your plan any time before the start date and not be charged.
How do I use it?
WordScientists is meant for an adult instructor and student(s) ages 4 – 8 to use together. Through a series of videos, books, and activities, you can interact with your student. Each piece of content comes with instructional prompts that you can use to get ideas for your teaching or to facilitate the learning process.
Can I use it with ESL/ELL students?
Absolutely. Our pilot school students were ESL learners and they’ve benefited from using WordScientists curriculum, which supports both English and their home language development. We are planning to add as many translated read-aloud books as possible as we further develop the curriculum, so students can build background knowledge and story grammar by listening to the stories/texts in their home language, which helps them learn English as well.
What browsers or operating systems do you support?
Our site is meant to be accessible through all current browsers and across devices. If you find technical difficulties with any browsers or operating systems, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help.
Do you offer discounts for entire schools or districts?
Yes! If your entire school or district would like to purchase more than 10 licenses at once, we offer discounts of 10%. That means you can provide access to reading and literacy curriculum for $0.90 per student per month. Click here to request a quote.
What's the difference between “Teacher Videos” and “Student Videos?”
Teacher videos, aka teacher tip videos, are meant for an adult to watch to understand the underlying concept of literacy and language skills. While they are designed for an adult, you can watch parts of or the whole video with your students, too. Student videos, aka activity videos, are for students to watch before, during, and/or after the lesson to learn concepts in a fun and engaging way.
How does pricing work? Who gets access?
WordScientists pricing is designed around communities and is meant for multiple adults and children to use at one time. Our main price of $30.00 per month is designed to give 1 teacher, 30 students, and their parents/caregivers full access to WordScientists. That’s it.
Can I print WordScientists books and worksheets?
Yes! We offer all of our books, lesson guides, and many of the activities as printable PDFs. You are encouraged to print as many of our materials as you need for your classroom.
What if I don’t want the product over the summer?
Our annual plan includes the equivalent of 3 free months over the monthly plan, so summer is essentially free. This is designed to encourage teachers to assign summer reading and language development activities to their students, without worrying about a financial obligation.
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