Where are the Polar Bears?

Before you Start

Purpose: Post and read these statements with students to set a purpose for reading.

  1. I can sound out words I don’t know.
  2. I can connect the words with the pictures and what I know to make inferences.
  3. I can retell parts of a story.


  1. Letter cards for word chain  (vowels: a, i, o, u; consonants: p, l, f, m, s, t, sh, r) or wipe-off board and marker. Print the vowel letters in a different color from the consonants.
  2. Color copy of the book on the computer screen.
  3. Individual black and white or color copies of the book for each student.
  4. Individual word cards with the sequence words (first, next, then, after that, finally) and connecting words (but, so, because).

Before-Reading Activity

Read the read-aloud version, Animals of the Arctic, to students before they read this book to introduce them to the character Datiz and the sea or ocean as a setting for a story.