Looking for the Cat in the Ghat

Before you Start

Purpose:  Post  and read these statements with students to set a purpose for reading.

  1. I can sound out words I don’t know.
  2. I can predict what will happen in the story.
  3. I can use the words and pictures to help me understand the story.
  4. I can retell parts of a story.

Materials: Print the vowel letters in red or a different color from the consonants.

  1. Letter cards (n, a, p, i, h, o, t, s, f, g, d, u, r) or wipe-off board and marker
  2. Individual copies of the book for the students. (digital or print)
  3. Sequence words for retelling the story (first, next, then, after that, finally).
  4. Connecting words for talking about characters and events in the story (but, so, because).