Kim Looks for Frogs

Before you Start

Before-Reading Activities to Build Background Knowledge

Read the Stage 3 version, Why Do Frogs Come in All Colors?, to students before they read this book to introduce them to the character Kim and the wetlands as a setting for a story.  

Purpose:  Post  and read these statements with students to set a purpose for reading.

  1. I can sound out words I don’t know.
  2. I can use the pictures after I read the words to confirm what I read.
  3. I can talk about what I read.


  1. Letter cards (vowels: e, i, o, u,  consonants: g, t, w, s, h, p, b, l) or wipe-off board and marker (Print the vowel letters in a different color from the consonants.)
  2. Color copy of the book on the computer screen.
  3. Individual black and white copies of the book for the students.