Grandma’s Bananas

Before you Start

Before-Reading Activity

Read the read-aloud version, Grandma’s Bananas, to students before they read this book to introduce them to the characters and the story. If possible, read the story in the students’ first language to ensure comprehension.

Watch the read-along video to give the students background knowledge.

Skill Level: For students to read this book independently they need to be able to:

  • Have speech-to print-match.
  • Use beginning sound information and cues from the pictures to read words.
  • Recognize high-frequency words: the, can, see,  more, have, yellow, green, big
  • Pronounce the following beginning sounds  (focus on /b/ vs. /p/, /m/, /t/).
  • Use the illustrations to confirm what a word says.
  • Participate in a guided lesson with the teacher.