Cubs in a Den

Before you Start

Before beginning the lesson for this book, consider having students watch the mini-documentary about red pandas. This will help students make predictions about what the animal might do.

Red Panda mini Documentary

Read students the read aloud version of The Red Panda series.

About lessons in Stage 1 (partial alphabetic) phase of word learning:

The lesson is divided into activities in the order they should occur. However, the lesson can take three to five days to complete. Over the course of the lesson, the book will be read three or more times by students.  Stage 1 lesson guides are different than Stage 0 lessons, because students are asked to read the book on their own after they practice all the word work activities with the teacher.  Students in Stage 1 will use their letter-sound knowledge to sound out words they don’t know.  

Purpose:  Post and read these statements with students to set a purpose for reading.

  1. I can sound out words I don’t know.
  2. I can use the words and pictures to help me understand what I read.
  3. I can retell what I learned from the book.

Materials: Print the vowel letters in red or a different color from the consonants.

  1. Letter cards (c, u, b, r, a, n, g, s, b, i, z, p, y) or wipe-off board and marker
  2. Color copy of the book on the computer screen.
  3. Individual black and white copies of the book for the students.
  4. Cards for sequence words (first, next, then, after that, finally) and connecting words (but, so, because).